Synthesis of Modular “Inorganic–Organic–Inorganic” Polyoxometalates and Their Assembly into Vesicles


  • We thank the EPSRC, WestCHEM, NSF, A. P. Sloan Foundation and the China Scholarship Council for supporting this work.


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Connecting clusters: A new class of approximately 3.4 nm sized inorganic–organic–inorganic hybrids was synthesized by covalent functionalization of V3-capped Wells–Dawson-type clusters with linear bis(Tris) ligands (see scheme; TBA=nBu4N+). These hybrids were characterized using single-crystal XRD and ESI-MS techniques. Dynamic light scattering studies revealed the surfactant properties of these compounds, which lead to the formation of supramolecular vesicles in solutions.