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Supramolecular Polymers and Chromonic Mesophases Self-Organized from Phosphorescent Cationic Organoplatinum(II) Complexes in Water


  • This work was supported by the “Nanotechnology Research Program” of the University Development Fund of The University of Hong Kong, and the Hong Kong Research Grants Council (HKU 7011/07P). W.L. thanks HKU for a Research Assistant Professorship. We thank Frankie Yu-Fee Chan in the Electron Microscope Unit and Ringo Liu in the Faculty of Engineering at HKU for technical assistance.


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Soft matter with a hard core: Through PtII⋅⋅⋅PtII and hydrophobic interactions, planar organoplatinum(II) cations with chloride or sulfate as counterions self-organize themselves in water into red-emissive, chromonic, and viscoelastic mesophases from which aligned films and discrete uniaxial microfibers with cofacial molecular orientations can be readily prepared.