Hollow Six-Stranded Helical Columns of a Helicene


  • G.U. acknowledges the financial support from EPSRC and the ESF Eurocores SONS2 project SCALES. S.H.E. thanks NSERC and CFI/OIT for financial support. We thank Drs. G. Grossmann and N. Terrill for their help in setting up the experiments at Daresbury and Diamond, and Prof. S. Z. D. Cheng of Akron University for density measurements.


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Do the twist: A helicenebisquinone (see formula), both enantiopure and racemic, forms hexagonal columnar phases in which the internal structures of the columns are 132 hollow helices comprising six-molecule repeat units (see axial and side views). The enantiopure compound forms a true hexagonal structure; the racemate segregates enantiomers into right and left helical columns that are interlocked and longitudinally displaced for optimal packing.