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Synthesis of a Carbon Nitride Structure for Visible-Light Catalysis by Copolymerization


  • Supported by ENERCHEM project of the Max Planck Society, 973 Program (2007CB613306), NSFC (20537010), NCET (07-0192), and PCSIRT (0818). The authors thank Dr. M. Bojdys and Prof. A. Thomas for helpful discussion.


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Just like a melon: Carbon nitride photocatalysts (see formula) structurally akin to poly(aminoimino)heptazine (Liebig′s melon) can be prepared by direct copolymerization of dicyandiamide with barbituric acid (BA). The picture shows how increasing the amount of BA in the copolymerization mixture (arrows) extends the optical absorption of the products further into the visible region, as is favorable for solar-energy applications.