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Use of Gold Nanoparticles in a Simple Colorimetric and Ultrasensitive Dynamic Light Scattering Assay: Selective Detection of Arsenic in Groundwater


  • P.R. thanks NSF-PREM (grant no. DMR-0611539), CREST (grant no. HRD-0833178), HBCU-UP (grant no. 0811638), and DOD HPCDNM (grant no. W912HZ-07-C-0073) for their generous support of this research. We also thank a reviewer whose valuable suggestions improved the quality of the manuscript.


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Low level: The amount of arsenic in Bangladeshi well water and in bottled drinking water and Mississippi tap water are indicated by a dynamic light scattering (DLS) assay. Label-free gold nanoparticles are used in a selective colorimetric assay (see picture) and in a highly sensitive DLS assay for the recognition of arsenic in concentrations as low as 3 ppt.

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