Targeted Synthesis of a Porous Aromatic Framework with High Stability and Exceptionally High Surface Area


  • The study was supported by the Outstanding Young Scientist Foundation of the NSFC (20625102), the International Science and Technology Cooperation Program (2007DFA40830), the State Basic Research Project (2006CB806100), NSFC, the “111” Program of Ministry of Education and the Jilin Province Hi-Tech Development Project. S.M. acknowledges the Director’s Postdoctoral Fellowship from the Argonne National Laboratory. J.M.S. acknowledges support from the National Research Council Research Associates Program and the U.S. Department of Energy.


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Diamonds are forever: A diamond-like framework in which the C–C bonds are replaced with rigid phenyl rings (see picture) is not only structurally stable but also has a large internal surface area. This porous aromatic framework (PAF-1) demonstrates high uptake capacities of hydrogen and carbon dioxide as well as benzene and toluene vapors, and has an unprecedented surface area of 7100 m2 g−1.