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Asymmetric Dehydrative Cyclization of ω-Hydroxy Allyl Alcohols Catalyzed by Ruthenium Complexes


  • This work was supported by the Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (no. 25E07B212) from the Ministry of Education, Science, Sports, and Culture (Japan).


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New axially chiral ligands and their allyl esters have been designed and synthesized. The combination of these ligands with [CpRu(CH3CN)3]PF6 has realized highly efficient intramolecular dehydrative cylization of ω-hydroxy allyl alcohols, to give α-alkenyl-substituted cyclic ethers with up to greater than 99:1 enantiomeric ratio without activation of the allylic moieties (see scheme; Cp=cyclopentadienyl, naph=naphthyl, py=pyridine).