Breast-Cancer Diagnosis by Neuropeptide Y Analogues: From Synthesis to Clinical Application


  • This work was supported by the DFG (FOR630/BE 1264-9 and Graduate School BuildMoNa), EFRE (Grant 3370701481201), and the DAAD, which partially funded I.U.K. We thank all the technical assistants for their work.


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Selective, sensitive, and specific breast cancer diagnosis: Neuropeptide Y (NPY) and the Y1R-selective [Phe7, Pro34]NPY peptide were labeled with Re/99mTc and pre-clinically characterized using competition receptor binding and signal transduction assays, and also microscopic, metabolic-stability, rabbit body-uptake, and protein-binding studies. Selective uptake of the 99mTc(core)3+-(NαHis-ac)-labeled [Phe7, Pro34]NPY analogue in human breast-cancer patients was obtained by whole body scintimammography.