Selective Inhibition of Human Brain Tumor Cells through Multifunctional Quantum-Dot-Based siRNA Delivery


  • We thank V. Starovoytov and Dr. Y. Horibe for helping us with TEM, and the New Jersey Biomaterial Center (Prof. Kohn) for allowing us to use the cell culture facilities. K.-B.L. acknowledges the NIH Directors′ Innovator Award (1DP20D006462-01) and is also grateful to the NJ commission on Spinal Cord grant (09-3085-SCR-E-0).


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More than one job: Quantum dots (QDs) conjugated with thiol-modified small interfering RNA (siRNA) were functionalized with thiol-modified RGD and HIV-Tat peptides. These multifunctional QDs were used for the targeted delivery and tracking of siRNA molecules for the knockdown of the EGFRvIII gene, which led to the down-regulation of the PI3K-Akt signaling pathway and the apoptosis of malignant brain cancer cells.