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Time-Resolved In Situ Diffraction Study of the Solvothermal Crystallization of Some Prototypical Metal–Organic Frameworks


  • We thank DESY for provision of beamtime at HASYLAB, and we are grateful to the group of Prof. Dr. W. Bensch of the Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, in particular Beatrix Seidlhofer and Elena Antonova, for their assistance with use of Beamline F3 and the loan of their heating device. The ESRF provided beamtime on ID31 and we thank Dr. I. Margiolaki and Dr. A. Fitch for their assistance with measuring data there. We are grateful to Nikos Kourkoumelis, University of Ioannina, for modifying his PowDLL program to allow analysis of the EDXRD data. This work was supported by CNRS and French ANR “CONDMOFs” funding.


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Inside story: In situ diffraction observations of the crystallization of metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) constructed from transition-metal ions and carboxylate ligands reveal that while some show classical nucleation-growth kinetics, others are formed via metastable transient phases (see picture).