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Complex Iridium(III) Salts: Luminescent Porous Crystalline Materials


  • M.M. thanks Regione Lombardia and European Social Found for founding the fellowship “Borse di ricerca applicata per studenti di dottorato” and Ciba Inc., Basel (CH), Research Group for housing. Dr. Federico Polo is kindly acknowledged for preliminary cyclovoltammetric measurements. Universität Münster is kindly acknowledged.


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Let your light shine: A new class of noncovalently linked crystalline porous materials is based on luminescent iridium complexes. Pairs complexes possessing different emission colors and complementary charges form complex salts. The crystalline materials form 3D porous motifs, and the emission color can be tuned by inclusion of a solvent or by selective quenching of one of the components of the crystal.

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