Production of HCOOH/NEt3 Adducts by CO2/H2 Incorporation into Neat NEt3


  • This research was supported by Chimet SpA, Badia Al Pino, Italy. We thank Prof. F. Calderazzo for helpful discussions.


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Adding HCOOH to NEt3 gives a biphasic system of amine and an adduct with a molar acid/amine ratio (AAR) of 1.33. In the presence of a suitable catalyst, CO2/H2 (1:1) acts as HCOOH if both amine and 1.33-adduct phases are present. For example, at 40 °C and 120 bar, neat amine, “doped” with both 1.33 adduct and catalyst, is quantitatively converted into 1.78 adduct, which is distilled as an azeotrope with AAR=2.35.