A Diatomic Molecule Receptor That Removes CO in a Living Organism


  • We gratefully acknowledge Prof. R. F. Pasternack for helpful discussions and critical review of the manuscript. We are also grateful to Prof. S. Hirota for help with resonance Raman measurements. We thank Prof. K. Iga for his help in animal tests. This work was supported by “Creating Research Center for Advanced Molecular Biochemistry”, Strategic Development of Research Infrastructure for Private Universities, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) (Japan).


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A CO stripper: The O2-bound form of an iron(II) porphyrin cyclodextrin supramolecular complex (hemoCD) infused into a rat vein reacted with internal CO through ligand exchange, and the CO-bound hemoCD was immediately excreted in the urine (see picture). The hemoCD acting as a CO receptor made it possible to quantify endogenous CO in a living organism.