Calcium Manganese(III) Oxides (CaMn2O4x H2O) as Biomimetic Oxygen-Evolving Catalysts


  • The authors would like to thank Ursula Cornelissen, Bastian Dietl, Kathrin Gerwien, Joachim Gripp, Jannes Ophey, Enrique Quiroga, Monika Schneeweiß, Christian Stoltenberg, and Adam Wutkowski (all CAU Kiel) for experimental support. M.M.N. thanks the Ministry of Science and the National Elite Foundation of Iran for a travel grant. This work was financed by the Fonds der Chemischen Industrie (Liebig fellowship for P.K.).


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Biomimetic and efficient: Mixed calcium manganese(III) oxides (see structure; Ca green, Mn red, O white) with elemental compositions and structures mimicking the active site of photosystem II were found to be highly active catalysts for the oxidation of water to molecular oxygen. As for PS II, the presence of Ca2+ greatly enhances the catalyst performance in comparison to the related manganese-only system Mn2O3.