Low-Temperature ABC-Type Atomic Layer Deposition: Synthesis of Highly Uniform Ultrafine Supported Metal Nanoparticles


  • This work was financially supported by Dow Chemical Company under Dow methane challenge project. The ALD system construction was funded by DOE (DE-FG02-03ER15457), AFOSR (MURI F49620-02-1-0381, DURIP FA-9550-07-1-0526), and DTRA JSTO FA9550-06-1-0558. The authors thank Jeffrey W. Elam, Jeffrey T. Miller, Neng Guo and Kathryn M. Kosuda for the technical assistance, and David D. Graf, Lin Luo and Harold H. Kung for the constructive discussions.


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Sheltered growth: A novel atomic layer deposition (ALD) method to synthesize highly uniform ultrafine supported metal nanoparticles is described. The ALD process includes growing protected metal nanoparticles and new support layers simultaneously at low temperature. In the final stage, the activation of the metal nanoparticles can be achieved by removing the protective ligands through calcination or reduction at elevated temperature (see picture).