• asymmetric allylic alkylation;
  • natural products;
  • palladium;
  • quaternary carbon centers

In this Communication, the discussion of work by the Kraus research group was not precisely expressed and should be corrected to the following: Kraus and Wei[3d] reported that 7 and its diastereomer, which were claimed to be isolated as by-products in their elegant synthesis of racemic hyperolactone C, could not be converted into a lactone using heat, acid (PTSA), or base (tBuOK, NaH, or KH) catalysis. However, careful analysis and comparison of the NMR data of 13 (1:1 mixture of diastereomers) with both the by-products reported by Kraus and Wei indicated that they were identical (see the Supporting Information).

Moreover, the value of δ=155.9 ppm in the 13C NMR data listed for compound 13 in the Supporting Information should be removed. The authors are grateful to Prof. David Hodgson of Oxford University for pointing this out.