Bright Three-Photon Luminescence from Gold/Silver Alloyed Nanostructures for Bioimaging with Negligible Photothermal Toxicity


  • This work was supported in part by an NSF grant (CBET-0828832) to J.X.C., an AHA predoctoral fellowship to L.T., and a 2006 NIH Director’s Pioneer Award (DP1 OD000798) to Y.X.


original image

Au/Ag alloyed nanostructures exhibit a bright three-photon luminescence (3PL; see picture, left) upon excitation by a femtosecond laser at 1290 nm, with an intensity level one order of magnitude higher than pure Au or Ag nanoparticles. As the excitation is outside the range of plasmon resonance, 3PL enables bioimaging (right) with negligible photothermal toxicity.