Inside Cover: Polyoxometalates Made of Gold: The Polyoxoaurate [AuIII4AsV4O20]8− (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 10/2010)



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A brand new line of gold jewelry has been designed in the world of polyoxometalate chemistry. In their Communication on page 1886 ff, U. Kortz et al. identify the first discrete inorganic polyoxoaurate [AuIII4AsV4O20]8− with a tetrameric structure and square-planar coordinated AuIII ions linked by oxo and arsenate bridging ligands (see structure; Au yellow, As blue, O red). The facile open-beaker synthetic procedure appears to be a convenient and general method for making a variety of gold-based inorganic oxo complexes. Mr. Rami Al-Oweini (PhD Student, Jacobs University) is thanked for his creative design.