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Green–Blue Emitters: NHC-Based Cyclometalated [Pt(C^C*)(acac)] Complexes


  • We gratefully acknowledge the support of the project through the BMBF (FKZ: 13N10477) and the synthesis of the matrix material by Dr. N. Langer (BASF). D.M. thanks the “Degussa-Stiftung” for financial support. NHC=N-heterocyclic carbene, acac=acetylacetone.


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White on target: Platinum(II) complexes with cyclometalated 1-phenylimidazole ligands (see picture: R=2,3-OC6H4) show photophysical properties in the blue region of the visible spectrum, thus giving them the potential to be used as the blue component of white-light-emitting diodes.