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Full Chirality Transfer in the Conversion of Secondary Alcohols into Tertiary Boronic Esters and Alcohols Using Lithiation–Borylation Reactions


  • We thank the EPSRC for support of this work. V.K.A. thanks the Royal Society for a Wolfson Research Merit Award and the EPSRC for a Senior Research Fellowship. We thank Frontier Scientific for the generous donation of boronic acids and boronic esters. We thank Prof. Guy Lloyd-Jones for useful discussions.


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New conditions, full transfer: Using MgBr2/MeOH as an additive now provides essentially 100 % retention of configuration in the lithiation–borylation reaction, thus leading to tertiary boronic esters (or tertiary alcohols) with exceptionally high ee values in all cases—even with rather hindered substrates and more stabilized lithiated carbamates (see scheme; Cb=carbamate, pin=OCMe2CMe2O).

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