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A Two-Dimensional Organic Metal Based on Fullerene


  • This work was supported by a Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research from MEXT, Japan (152005019, 21st Century COE 15073215, and 20110006), JSPS (18GS0208), RFBR(grant N 09-02-01514), Japan–Russia Bilateral Joint Research Program by JSPS, and The Sumitomo Foundation. We thank C. Michioka and M. Sakata for their technical assistance in physical property experiments.


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The first fullerene organic metal: (MDABCO+)⋅TPC⋅(C60.−), which has two-dimensional layers with a honeycomb arrangement of C60.− (see picture), is a fascinating example of a material composed of only light elements (C, H, N); it adopts a metallic state down to 1.9 K.

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