Halogen Bond Anion Templated Assembly of an Imidazolium Pseudorotaxane


  • C.J.S. thanks the EPSRC and Johnson Matthey for a CASE Studentship. N.L.K. thanks the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 for a research fellowship. P.J.C. thanks FCT for the postdoctoral grant SFRH/BPD/27082/2006. V.F. acknowledges the FCT with co-participation of the European Community funds FEDER, for financial support under project PTDC/QUI/68582/2006. We thank Oxford University Crystallography Service for instrument use.


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Halogen bonding has been exploited in the assembly of an interpenetrated molecular system. The strength of chloride-anion-templated pseudorotaxane formation with a 2-bromo-functionalized imidazolium threading component and an isophthalamide macrocycle (see picture) is significantly enhanced compared to hydrogen-bonded pseudorotaxane analogues.