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Highly Efficient Mesoscopic Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Based on Donor–Acceptor-Substituted Porphyrins


  • Financial support of this work by the Swiss National Science Foundation and the European Research Council (Advanced Grant no 247404 to M.G.) is gratefully acknowledged. We thank Dr. Carole Grätzel for valuable discussions and editorial help with the manuscript. We also thank Prof. S. Ito and Prof. S. Uchida for the gift of the dye D-205, which was developed and prepared in collaboration with Dr. M. Takata, Dr. H. Miura and Dr. K. Sumioka.


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To dye for: A porphyrin chromophore, which is integrated into a donor–acceptor dye as a π-conjugated bridge (see picture), exhibits an unprecedented efficiency of 11 % when used as a photosensitizer in a double-layer TiO2 film. A greatly enhanced photovoltaic performance is observed when the porphyrin dye is cosensitized with a metal-free dye that has a complementary spectral response.