A Biologically Inspired Organometallic Fuel Cell (OMFC) That Converts Renewable Alcohols into Energy and Chemicals


  • C.B. acknowledges the financial support from the European Commission (Network of Excellence IDECAT, contract no. NMP3-CT-2005-011730), Regione Toscana (Progetto CESARE), and the MIUR (Italy) for the PRIN 2007 project 200775CREC-004. H.G. acknowledges financial support from the ETH Zürich and the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF). H.S. and H.G. thank the Morgan Motor Company for continuous inspiration.


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Embedded and working: The intact deposition of a complex into carbon powder allows the construction of an organometallic fuel cell (OMFC) that efficiently converts alcohols into carboxylic acids. This method may provide a way for the synthesis of fine chemicals from renewable resources under waste-free conditions.