Control of Interpenetration for Tuning Structural Flexibility Influences Sorption Properties


  • The authors wish to thank Dr. K. Nakai, H. Iegami, and N. Fujimoto from BEL JAPAN INC., and also T. Ozawa and Y. Kakefuda from RIGAKU Corp. for their help in the construction of coincident XRPD/adsorption measurement equipment. The synchrotron radiation experiments were performed at BL44B2 in SPring-8 with the approval of RIKEN (Proposal No. 20090058).


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Transforming jungle gyms: Structural flexibility and sorption behavior can be tuned by controlling the degree of interpenetration of 3D porous coordination polymers (PCPs). The architectural connectivity of PCPs, even those that are composed of the same chemical components, has a significant impact on the structural flexibility and sorption behavior, which was confirmed by coincident XRPD/adsorption measurements.