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Radiosynthesis and Evaluation of [18F]Selectfluor bis(triflate)


  • This research was financially supported by the BBSRC (grant no. BBS/S/M/2005/12407 for H.T.), GEHC and the Academy of Finland (CoE in Molecular Imaging in Cardiovascular and Metabolic Research and Project, grant no. 116084). We thank Dr. J.-O. Lill for insightful discussions.


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Selectfluor, one of the most reactive and commonly used electrophilic fluorinating N–F reagents, has been radiolabeled with 18F. The resulting new [18F]-labeled N–F reagent is safe, nontoxic, and easy to handle. The combined use of [18F]Selectfluor bis(triflate) and AgOTf allows for the preparation of electron-rich 18F-aromatic compounds through a simple “shake and mix” protocol at room temperature (see scheme; SA=specific activtiy).

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