Metal–Organic Frameworks from Edible Natural Products


  • The research reported herein is based upon work supported under the auspices of an international collaboration supported in the US by the National Science Foundation under grant CHE-0924620 and in the UK by the Engineering and Physical Research Council under grant EP/H003517/1. The authors would like to thank Prof. Michael O′Keeffe, Arizona State University, for valuable insight and discussions.


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Let them eat MOFs: Take a spoonful of sugar (γ-cyclodextrin to be precise), a pinch of salt (most alkali metal salts will suffice), and a swig of alcohol (Everclear fits the bill), and you have a robust, renewable, nanoporous (Langmuir surface area 1320 m2 g−1) metal–organic framework for breakfast (CD-MOF-1; see picture, C gray, O red, K purple; yellow sphere: pore).