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Scanning Imaging of Magnetic Nanoparticles for Quantitative Molecular Imaging


  • This work was supported in part by a GEAR grant and the Texas Center of Superconductivity at the University of Houston. L.Y. acknowledges support by the McElrath Fellowship. We thank Prof. Haibing Peng for assistance in obtaining the SEM images, and Prof. T. Randall Lee for helpful discussions and access to his laboratory resources.


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Quantitative molecular imaging: Labeled magnetic nanoparticles serve as molecular probes that bind to specific antibody molecules. The magnetic field of the bound particles is detected using scanning magnetic imaging with an optical atomic magnetometer based on the magnetooptical property of alkali metals. The magnetization, and thus the number of the antibody-bound magnetic nanoparticles, and the corresponding two-dimensional spatial information are obtained simultaneously.

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