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Catalytic Hydrogenation of Norbornadiene by a Rhodium Complex in a Self-Folding Cavitand


  • We thank MICINN (CTQ2008-00222/BQU, CTQ2008-00950/BQU Consolider Ingenio 2010 Grant CSD2006-0003), DURSI (2009SGR6868, 2009SGR623), and the ICIQ Foundation for generous financial support.


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It's a wrap! The inclusion of [Rh(nbd)2]BF4 (nbd=norbornadiene) in a deep-cavity cavitand produces a catalytically active species that promotes the hydrogenation of norbornadiene to norbornene (see picture). The structure of the cavitand acts as a second-sphere ligand and modifies the stability, selectivity, and reactivity observed for the free organometallic complex in solution.