Light-Induced Water Splitting with Hematite: Improved Nanostructure and Iridium Oxide Catalysis


  • We thank the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (Project number 102326, PECHouse) for financial support, F. Le Formal for scanning electron microscopy images, and E. Thimsen for helpful discussions. Dr. S. D. Tilley gratefully acknowledges the National Science Foundation (U.S.A.) for a postdoctoral fellowship (Award No. OISE-0853127).


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Revved-up rust! Light-induced water splitting over iron oxide (hematite) has been achieved by using a particle-assisted deposition technique and IrO2-based surface catalysis. Photocurrents in excess of 3 mA cm−2 were obtained at +1.23 V versus the reversible hydrogen electrode under AM 1.5 G 100 mW cm−2 simulated sunlight. These photocurrents are unmatched by any other oxide-based photoanode. FTO=fluorine-doped tin oxide.