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Cover Picture: [An(H2O)9](CF3SO3)3 (An=U–Cm, Cf): Exploring Their Stability, Structural Chemistry, and Magnetic Behavior by Experiment and Theory (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 36/2010)



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Easily prepared and highly soluble actinide(III) salts are of great interest as precursors for actinide complex chemistry. In their Communication on page 6343 ff., P. Lindqvist-Reis and co-workers report how [An(H2O)9]3+(CF3SO3)3 (An=U–Cm, Cf) can be obtained directly from aqueous solution, a remarkable result for the UIII and NpIII salts given their extremely oxidation-sensitive nature. They also discuss the use of these salts as models for hydrated An3+ ions in solution.