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Towards Tunable Graphene/Phthalocyanine–PPV Hybrid Systems


  • Financial support from the DFG (Cluster of Excellence – Engineering of Advanced Materials), GSMS, ICMM, ZMP, MICINN, and MEC (Spain) (CTQ2008-00418/BQU, PLE2009-0070, PSE-120000-2009-008 FOTOMOL, and Consolider-Ingenio Nanociencia Molecular CSD2007-00010), Comunidad de Madrid (MADRISOLAR-2, S2009/PPQ/1533) and EU (MRTN-CT-2006-035533 Solar-N-type and Project ROBUST DSC FP7-Energy-2007-1-RTD, N° 212792) is gratefully acknowledged. PPV=poly(p-phenylene vinylene).


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Exfoliation of graphite was achieved using a zinc phthalocyanine oligomer that is also an electron donor. The resulting functionalized graphene material was investigated by Raman and electron spectroscopy and was trialed in a photoelectrochemical cell.