Efficient Access to Nonhydrolyzable Initiator tRNA Based on the Synthesis of 3′-Azido-3′-Deoxyadenosine RNA


  • Funding by the Austrian Science Foundation FWF (P21640, I317) and the Ministry of Science and Research bm:wf (GenAU III, “Non-coding RNA” P0726-012-012) is acknowledged. M.A. thanks the Austrian Academy of Science and the UNESCO for a L′ORÉAL fellowship.


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Flexibility exercised: Hydrolysis-resistant 3′-aminoacyl-tRNA conjugates that contain a stable amide linkage instead of the natural ester are valuable substrates for biochemical studies of ribosomal processes. In a novel preparation of the stable E. coli initiator tRNA derivative 3′-(N-formylmethionyl)amino-tRNAfMet the key feature is the synthesis of 3′-azido oligoribonucleotides using a new functionalized solid support.