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1,2-Azaborine Cations


  • Support for this research has been provided by the University of Oregon and the National Institutes of Health (National Institute of General Medical Sciences, Grant R01-GM094541). Funding for the University of Oregon Chemistry Research and Instrumentation Services has been furnished in part by the National Science Foundation (CHE-0234965). Correspondence concerning X-ray crystallography should be directed to Dr. L. N. Zakharov (


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Positively brilliant: The first examples of 1,2-azaborine cations have been prepared and their structure and optoelectronic properties characterized (see picture). 1,2-Azaborine cations exhibit solid-state fluorescence that is distinct from their neutral all-carbon analogues, and the 1,2-azaborine moiety is a critical component for the optoelectronic properties. There is a potential for the utility of these complexes in materials applications.

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