Remote Supramolecular Control of Catalyst Selectivity in the Hydroformylation of Alkenes


  • We kindly acknowledge the NRSC-C for financial support, Dr. T. Gadzikwa for fruitful discussions, and R. Bellini and Dr. M. Pilar del Rio Varea for assistance with the high-pressure and low-temperature NMR experiments.


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In the pocket: The supramolecular interactions between a Rh phosphine catalyst equipped with an anion-binding pocket and alkenes that contain anionic functionalities (see picture) provide an excellent design concept to achieve remote control of the regioselectivity in hydroformylation reactions. The 4-pentenoate and 3-butenylphosphonate, which fit tightly between the Rh center and the pocket, were hydroformylated with unprecedented selectivity.