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(Pro2H+)2(TCNQ.−)2⋅TCNQ: An Amino Acid Derived Semiconductor


  • The authors acknowledge Prof. S. R. Batten and Dr. D. R. Turner (crystallography), Dr. S. W. Feldberg (electrochemistry) for helpful discussions, and Dr. F. Huang and Dr. J. Sun for assistance with the conductivity measurements. Financial support from the Australian Research Council is also gratefully acknowledged.


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An attractive couple: (Pro2H+)2(TCNQ.−)2⋅TCNQ (TCNQ=tetracyanoquinodimethane) contains an H-bonding network that supports a layered structure, composed of alternating TCNQ anions and proline cations (see picture). The cation is formed by two zwitterionic proline amino acids supported by a proton bridge between the carboxylates, whereas the anionic component involves a neutral TCNQ molecule sandwiched between two TCNQ.−.