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A Double-Tailed Fluorescent Surfactant with a Hexavanadate Cluster as the Head Group


  • This work is supported by NFSC nos. 91022010, 20871073, and 20921001, THSJZ, and Tsinghua University Initiative Foundation Research Program no. 20101081771. T.L. acknowledges support from NSF CHM0545983 and Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. P.W. acknowledges support from the Foundation of Educational Commission of Hubei Province (no. B200614006) and the Natural Science Foundation of Hubei Province (no. 2008CDB020).


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Blue rinse: A hybrid surfactant that comprises a hexavanadate cluster and two C18 alkyl chains shows unexpected blue luminescence (see picture). The luminescence arises from the interaction between the counterions and the hexavanadate clusters, and varies with the type of counterions. This behavior was confirmed by studying the self-assembly of the hybrids with various counterions in different solvents.