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A Coordinated Synthesis and Conjugation Strategy for the Preparation of Homogeneous Glycoconjugate Vaccine Candidates


  • We gratefully acknowledge the Leverhulme Trust (E.J.G.), FCT and Gulbenkian, Portugal (G.J.L.B.), The Rhodes Trust and the National Science Foundation (J.M.C.), EC (Marie Curie IEF, O.B.), and The International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (J.R.K., G.J.L.B.) for financial support. We thank Prof. M. G. Finn for kindly providing p75m/Qβ plasmid. B.G.D. is a Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award recipient.


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A sweet solution: A strategy for the synthesis of well-defined carbohydrate-based vaccines is presented. The approach couples complex oligosaccharide synthesis to site-specific conjugation methodology to provide pure glycoprotein vaccine candidates (see scheme).