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Tetrasubstituted Olefins through the Stereoselective Catalytic Intermolecular Conjugate Addition of Simple Alkenes to α,β-Unsaturated Carbonyl Compounds


  • Financial support from the National Institute of Health (R15 GM55987) and the National Science Foundation (CHE 1011891) is gratefully acknowledged. We thank Dr. Sergey Lindeman (Marquette University) for X-ray crystallographic analysis of 3.


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Branching out: The cationic ruthenium–hydride complex [Ru]+ was found to be a highly effective catalyst precursor for the conjugate addition of unactivated olefins to α,β-unsaturated carbonyl compounds to yield tetrasubstituted olefins. A kinetic analysis provides support for the mechanism involving a regioselective olefin insertion and rapid alkene isomerization steps.

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