Tuning a P450 Enzyme for Methane Oxidation



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  1. Errata: Corrigendum: Tuning a P450 Enzyme for Methane Oxidation Volume 52, Issue 51, 13503, Article first published online: 16 December 2013

  • We thank Heike Hinrichs, Frank Kohler, and Sylvia Ruthe for help with the chromatographic measurements.


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A new spin: The addition of chemically inert perfluoro carboxylic acids (green; see picture) to P450 enzymes results in dramatic activation of their catalytic activity as a result of the conversion of the Fe/heme from a low-spin to a high-spin state, and the reduction of the binding-pocket size. Together these effects allow otherwise inert substrates such as propane and even methane to be oxidized.