Synthesis and Characterization of the Dicopper(II)-Containing 22-Palladate(II)[CuII2PdII22PV12O60(OH)8]20−


  • U.K. thanks the German Science Foundation (DFG-KO-2288/9-1) and Jacobs University for research support. M.B.-S. thanks DAAD for a fellowship and N.V.I. thanks the German Science Foundation for financial support (DFG-IZ-60/1-1). The work at FSU was supported by NSF grant NIRT-DMR-0506946, and the NHMFL is supported by the NSF through cooperative agreement DMR-0654118 and by the State of Florida and.


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A couple of coppers: Two CuII ions exhibit highly distorted cubic coordination and unexpectedly large magnetic exchange coupling in a discrete dicopper(II)-containing 22-palladate(II). The compound is isolated as the hydrated sodium salt Na20[CuII2PdII22PV12O60(OH)8]⋅58 H2O (1) in which the polyanion (see structure: Cu turquoise, Pd blue, O red balls, {PO4} purple tetrahedra) is the largest noble metalate reported to date.