Responsive Vesicles from Dynamic Covalent Surfactants


  • We are grateful to Lars van der Mee, Pieter Braams, Hao Dinh, and Bart Homan for their help with the synthesis of the compounds, and to Wim Kruizinga and Theodora Tiemersma-Wegman for the HRMS analysis. This work was supported by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO), STW/Nanoned (C.B.M.), the European Commission (Marie Curie European Reintegration Grant, (R.E.), and COST Action D43 (G.J.M.K.).


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Breaking bilayers: Incorporation of dynamic covalent bonds in vesicle-forming surfactants leads to the formation of responsive vesicles, which can be switched back and forth between the bilayer state and the isotropic solution using either dilution or a change in the pH value as external stimuli.