A Unified Approach for the Stereoselective Total Synthesis of Pyridone Alkaloids and Their Neuritogenic Activity


  • K.G. is a European Young Investigator (EURYI). We gratefully acknowledge financial support from the DFG (project JE 572/1-1) and the SNF (PE002-117136/1). We thank Prof. Hamburger for providing the PC-12 cell line and discussions, Dr. Neuburger for X-ray analyses, and Dr. Häussinger for NMR analyses.


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Unus pro omnibus: The development of compounds inducing neurite outgrowth might constitute a valuable approach for the non-invasive medical treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. With the aid of a bifunctional building block, the total syntheses of a group of pyridone polyenes originally produced by entomopathogenic fungi was achieved (see picture). All of these natural products displayed neuritogenic activity in the PC-12 cell line.