Self-Assembling Ligands for Multivalent Nanoscale Heparin Binding


  • We acknowledge the support of MICINN, Spanish Government for a PhD fellowship (A.C.R.), BBSRC (A.B.), and The University of York (J.C.). We thank Meg Stark (Department of Biology, University of York) and Peiyi Wang (Faculty of Biological Sciences, University of Leeds) for electron microscopy.


original image

Supramolecular string of pearls: Polycationic ligands are designed to self-assemble into spherical pseudo-dendrimers that are capable of binding polyanionic heparin with affinities and binding modes similar to covalent nanostructures such as dendrimers and proteins (see picture; purple: heparin, red/blue: self-assembling ligand). Binding of the ligands to heparin induces nanoscale organization of the formed nanostructures.