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Hexadecacobalt(II)-Containing Polyoxometalate-Based Single-Molecule Magnet


  • U.K. thanks the German Science Foundation (DFG-KO-2288/9-1) for research support. M.I. thanks the DAAD and the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan for a doctoral fellowship, and the University of Balochistan, Quetta, Pakistan for allowing her to pursue PhD studies at the Jacobs University. Y.X. acknowledges a fellowship from the Jacobs University Nanofun Research Center. Y.L. and A.K.P. acknowledge support from the DFG Center for Functional Nanostructures.


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POMs, magnets, and Co: The tetrameric 36-tungsto-8-phosphate [{Co4(OH)3PO4}4(PW9O34)4]28− containing 16 cobalt(II) centers was prepared by a simple, one-pot synthetic procedure. The {Co16(OH)12(PO4)4}8+ core (see picture) exhibits single-molecule magnetic behavior.

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