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Molecular-Architecture-Based Administration of Catalysis in Water: Self-Assembly of an Amphiphilic Palladium Pincer Complex


  • We acknowledge the JSPS (Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research no. 20655035; Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Area no. 2105) for partial financial support of this work. We also thank Dr. R. Tero (Toyohashi University of Technology (Japan)) for AFM and fluorescence microscopy measurements. Confocal images were acquired at Spectrography and Bioimaging Facility, NIBB Core Research Facilities.


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Testing the waters: An architecture-based system for transition-metal catalysis consisting of a self-assembled amphiphilic pincer palladium complex bearing hydrophilic and hydrophobic chains has been developed. Self-assembly of the bilayer vesicles of the complex, concentration of the organic substrates within the hydrophobic region of the bilayer membrane, and catalytic transformation of the substrate all occur sequentially in water (see scheme).