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Dinuclear Palladium(III) Complexes with a Single Unsupported Bridging Halide Ligand: Reversible Formation from Mononuclear Palladium(II) or Palladium(IV) Precursors


  • We thank the Department of Chemistry at Washington University and American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund (49914-DNI3) for support. We also thank Prof. T. Daniel P. Stack for a gift of the ligand Me3tacn.


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Stable PdIII: Dinuclear PdIII complexes of the tridentate ligand trimethyltriazacyclononane (Me3tacn) were obtained by one-electron oxidation of mononuclear PdII precursors. Further oxidation led reversibly to mononuclear PdIV species. The PdII and PdIII complexes are shown to be involved in the catalytic Kharasch addition of polyhaloalkanes to alkenes.

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