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Selective Targeting of Fluorescent Nanoparticles to Proteins Inside Live Cells


  • We thank Gabriele Hikade, Hella Kenneweg, and Wladislaw Kohl for technical assistance, and Roland Wedlich-Söldner for providing the Lifeact plasmid. This project was supported by the DFG (grant numbers PI405-4 and BU2288-1) and by the Human Frontier Program Organization (grant number RGP 5/2007).


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Tracking single proteins in cells: An optimized substrate based on a click reaction was designed for specific, irreversible targeting of nanoparticles to proteins fused to an engineered haloalkane dehalogenase (HaloTag) in the cytoplasm of life cells. Thus, proteins in the membrane of mitochondria could be tracked over extended times and with nanometer resolution (see picture).