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Mild C[BOND]H Halogenation of Anilides and the Isolation of an Unusual Palladium(I)–Palladium(II) Species


  • We thank the EPSRC and GSK for funding under the collaborative EPSRC Programme for Synthetic Organic Chemistry with AZ-GSK-Pfizer.


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Reducing the load: A facile palladium-catalyzed ortho-selective bromination and chlorination of anilides occurs under aerobic conditions at room temperature when N-halosuccinimides (NXS) are used in the presence of p-toluenesulfonic acid (PTSA). The orthopalladated PTSA complex is not only catalytically competent but also undergoes a reductive process to yield an unusual PdI–PdII tetramer (see structure; Pd green, O red, S yellow, C gray).

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