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Capture of NO by a Frustrated Lewis Pair: A New Type of Persistent N-Oxyl Radical


  • We acknowledge funding from the National Science Foundation (CHE-0957606 to T.H.W.; CHE-0840453 to Georgetown for an EPR spectrometer) and the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (S.G., G.E.).


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NO your pairs: The intramolecular frustrated Lewis pair (FLP) Mes2PCH2CH2B(C6F5)2 captures NO to give the novel N-oxyl radical P/B-FLP-NO. (see scheme). Coordination of NO to the FLP incites H-atom abstraction reactivity with cyclohexene and ethylbenzene to give P/B-FLP-NOH and the O-functionalized P/B-FLP-NOR species.